Fedeli Swim & Wear

fedeliswFedeli was established in 1934 by Luigi Fedeli, the grandfather of the current CEO. It was the year when Italy beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 in extra time in the final game of the FIFA World Cup, becoming World Champion for the first time.


After the war Nino and his son Luigi shifted the company towards knitwear, in fact Fedeli was the first company to produce cable sweaters, becoming extremely successful. In the late 1990’s Luigi, the third generation, after establishing Fedeli as a world wide luxury brand, had the idea to develop a high end beach wear line, focused on quality, color and performing fabrics.

Working closely with his team, Luigi discovered a microfiber that became the foundation of the SwimWear line.
This particular fabric that Fedeli uses for all of its swim trunks is light and dries very quickly, making our swim trunks the most comfortable and better performing ones in the world. Around the swim trunk Fedeli built a total look collection ranging from Giza 45 polos to linen shirts and shoes, all with the same philosophy of color and quality.